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IVIO Twilight 7 Tablets with the first hybrid GSM/CDMA

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More and more tablets with Android OS was launched by local mobile phone manufacturer such as ZTE with ZTE Light, CSL with Handroid Pad CSL MI700 and Huawei with Smakit S7, now IVIO one local mobile phone manufacturers enliven Tablet with Android OS by releasing IVIO Twilight 7.
IVIO Twilight 7
IVIO Twilight 7 will probably be the first Tablet-capable network Hybrid, The ability of hybrid network is usually only exist on the middle end mobile phones class newly applied to the tablet with Android OS only at this IVIO Twilight 7.

Ivio Twilight 7 is GSM-CDMA tablet that runs Android 2.2 Froyo, The device is also support EVDO and UMTS networks. Ivio Twilight 7 is rumored to be sold over 4 million rupiah but if bundled with Telkom Flexi gets promo price which is only about 3 million rupiah

Here the specifications of Ivio Twilight 7 :
- OS Android 2.2 Froyo
- Hybrid GSM/CDMA support EVDO/CDMA 1×800Mhz, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Quad-band, UMTS
- Display WVGA LCD 7 inch 800×480 pixel
- Li-On Battery 320mh
- Wifi
- Built-in Camera (3.0 and 0.3Mp)
- MicroSD slot up to16GB
- Support voice & SMS
- 512 Flash ROM
- 512 Mb DRAM
- Processor Qualcomm Snap Dragon 624Mhz
- Bluetooth EDR 2.1
- G-Sensor

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  1. Jamie Dolla says:

    Is it currently on the market. Need a price for a couple of units

  1. Guzzi sager says:

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