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Is Microsoft Cooking Something to Go Against the Google Glass ?

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Everyone has heard about Google Glass, the wearable computer that can be slipped on like a pair of glasses, though it is much more than mere glasses. Undoubtedly the first of its kind, it comes with builtin navigation software that helps you with directions while driving, biking or even walking. It appears that the software giant Microsoft has been mulling over giving a fitting reply for Google Glass and has been working silently behind the scenes. However, since Google will start shipping only towards the end of 2013, Microsoft seems to have enough time to come up with an answer that makes great sense. The eye-level piece of hardware from Microsoft is expected to rival Google Glass.

It is logical to think that Microsoft will come with a product that will be compatible with Windows Phone system, given that Google Glass has already announced that their product will accommodate Android devices as well as Apple’s iPhones. Additionally, Microsoft’s proposed product is expected to have several innovative features that only the software giant can think of. The common features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS should figure in both Google Glass and Microsoft’s yet to be named product.
However, what additional features both will be able to add is what will make all the difference.

One would imagine that other features like browsing the Internet and other small tasks that can be accomplished through voice commands should also be present in both the products. Additionally, calling features, being able to send text messages are basic features that should be pretty easy to include. Not to mention the ubiquitous camera, that figures in most basic models of mobile phones today, should also figure in Google Glass and Microsoft’s eye opener. However, there is enough time to think about all that and more as Google should easily take another 6 months or so to perfect the concept that they are still working on.

Microsoft will certainly focus on eyewear that needs to be compatible with other Microsoft systems, as that is their base. One cannot rule out a lot of experimentation and innovation by the team of researchers dedicated to the task of bringing out a product that Microsoft believes will have all eyes open and gaping. Whoever takes the lead with additional features will win the race; of course the price too will be a major consideration. Both the parties have not reached a stage where they have given a thought about pricing, and no one has the vaguest clue about this aspect.

From what can be gleaned from the grapevine, the wearable version of Windows 8 is what is expected. Additionally, the feature based on motion-tracking technology called Microsoft Visor will be found in the new product, thanks to Kinect. User’s eyes will be tracked through micro-lasers with infrared capabilities. This feature will work in tandem with commands that are received through the visor.
Additionally, the tiny HD cameras within, provide for shooting videos and snapping pictures, while zooming in can be done discreetly without the subject having an inkling about what is happening. Not that the others around you will be totally unaware of what you are up to. Discretion is required by the users of both the eye-wear products that are to be launched by end 2013.

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Samsung Galaxy Core, The New Android Dual Simcard from Samsung

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Samsung adds Galaxy series Android smartphones, not long after introducing the Samsung Galaxy Grand. Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Core, dual SIM Android phone for the middle-class market.

Samsung Galaxy Core has a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Core

Samsung Galaxy Core is equipped with 5 MP resolution camera. Samsung Galaxy Core brings some features that are usually only available in Samsung Galaxy S series.

Such as Smart Stay which allows the screen stays on as long as the user's eyes still looked at. And Smart Alert to warn if there is a missed call or messages, when the phone is picked up.

Addition the dual SIM version, there is also a single SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy Core. Plans to enter several markets starting this month.

Samsung Galaxy Core Specification:
  • Connectivity 5.76 HSUPA 900/2100, EDGE / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
  • Processor 1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU, 1GB of RAM
  • 4.3 inch WVGA display (480 x 800) TFT LCD
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • 5 MP camera with LED flash, VGA front camera
  • Optional Dual SIM capability
  • 8GB of built-in memory, microSD card slot
  • 1800 mAh battery

Polytron Transparent Mobile Phone concept using Smart Glass Technology

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If previously there was the issue of Nokia developed the Nokia Transparent Phone Concept, this time Polytron Technologies developed the same thing which is claimed as the future of a communication device.

Polytron phone prototype, as reported by Mobile Geek, did yet show the performance of handheld communication devices like who has be on the market include phone function.

However, the phone is slimmer briefly of the iPhone 5 has been equipped with micro SD storage card slot, battery, camera components, microphone, and speakerphone.

"We will get samples of products that can already be used (as smartphone) at the end of this year. So this is a very early stage," said Mobile Geek, in their video record.

This Transparent Mobile Phone is developed on background of  Smart Glass Technology that contain liquid crystal molecules. Crystal molecules were able to change the appearance of the original glass grayish such as cloud becomes transparent when the power is turned on cell phone

BlackBerry Z10, would be a first step the glory of the RIM

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Since it was launched BlackBerry Z10, selling exceeds the estimate. which was first offered in England.

So far, companies that previously used name of Research In Motion (RIM) has yet to give information relating to the facts in the market.

BlackBerry Z10 was first launched in England, and then spread to other European markets including France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. Previously, the platform 'BlackBerry 10' is mentioned will restore the glory of the BlackBerry in the smartphone market.

BlackBerry 10 OS seems to be a big step forward compared to its predecessor, because of the nicer interface, intelligent touch keyboard, and camera app that lets you do a lot more, and in a better way than anything seen earlier on a BlacBerry.
Here BlackBerry Z10 Specs:

  • BlackBerry 10 OS
  • Size (LxWxD): 130mm x 65.6mm x 9mm
  • Processor: Dual Core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 (US and Canada) 
  • Radio: Quad Band HSPA+ / UMTS (850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz) 
  • Quad Band GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800MHz) 
  • Quad Band LTE: Bands 2,4,5,13,17 (700, 850,1700, 1900MHz) 
  • Display: 4.2”, 4 point multi-touch LCD display, 1280 x 768 resolution at 356 DPI, Touch On Lens 
  • Camera: 8MP rear facing camera, Auto Focus, 5x digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording 
  • 2MP front facing camera, 3x digital zoom, 720p HD video recording 
  • Memory: 2GB RAM 
  • 16GB Internal Storage 
  • Hot Swappable microSD Slot 
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz 
  • 4G Mobile Hotspot 
  • GPS: Assisted, Autonomous, and Simultaneous GPS 
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor 
  • Connectivity: NFC 
  • microUSB 
  • microHDMI-Out 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy 
  • Battery: 1800mAh Removable 
  • Talk Time: up to 10 hours on 3G
  • Standby Time: up to 305 hours on 3G, up to 316 hours on 2G
  • Audio Playback: up to 60 hours
  • Video PlayBack: up to 11 hours 

An easy way to increase website / blog traffic and twitter followers

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