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Polytron Transparent Mobile Phone concept using Smart Glass Technology

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If previously there was the issue of Nokia developed the Nokia Transparent Phone Concept, this time Polytron Technologies developed the same thing which is claimed as the future of a communication device.

Polytron phone prototype, as reported by Mobile Geek, did yet show the performance of handheld communication devices like who has be on the market include phone function.

However, the phone is slimmer briefly of the iPhone 5 has been equipped with micro SD storage card slot, battery, camera components, microphone, and speakerphone.

"We will get samples of products that can already be used (as smartphone) at the end of this year. So this is a very early stage," said Mobile Geek, in their video record.

This Transparent Mobile Phone is developed on background of  Smart Glass Technology that contain liquid crystal molecules. Crystal molecules were able to change the appearance of the original glass grayish such as cloud becomes transparent when the power is turned on cell phone

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