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Tips to Make Better Short-Form Videos for Vine and Instagram

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Short videos are quite popular these days thanks to Instagram and Vine. Both platforms have made this form an important resource and great engagement tool in the hands of bloggers and marketers - with a maximum length of six seconds on Vine and fifteen seconds on Instagram.

Just to state the (obvious) potentials, Twitter's Vine has 40 million users and Instagram now has 200 million users. Still, if videos are your thing, stats say more people will see them on Vine, since Instagram's primary use was, and still is, photo-sharing (check apps for editing).

Using both apps to shoot short videos and share them with your blog readers and people who follow you on these social sites is fairly easy. But creating original, interesting, fun and engaging content in this relatively new form and with such strict limitations, at first may be a bit overwhelming. Here are few tips to make it easier:

#1 Get creative. Everything starts with good ideas.
When it comes to Vine and Instagram videos it's not that much about their production quality as it is about having great fun and interesting ideas that you want to share with others. In reality, creative vines are much more intriguing to users than the "good-looking" videos.

Since you only have 6 to 15 seconds, resist the urge to go too deep into your story, but make every second count. You can make several different short videos to promote a post, or create a "how-to" video to showcase your products on Instagram. Vine is perfect to highlight a special offer, new service or product giveaway. Whatever you choose to promote make sure to focus on inspirational and fun content that brings positive emotions in people.

#2 Stabilize with a tripod.
Handycam videos are sometimes good, but in most cases, and particularly if you are not completely certain, it's best to use a tripod when shooting videos with the Instagram and Vine apps to achieve steady and well-balanced shots. There's no app to shine the videos afterwards, so mount your smartphone to the tripod and make sure it's steady. Let the action you want to present happen in front of the camera, instead of you trying to follow it with the phone.

#3 Consider lighting and audio quality.
As with shooting images, you must think of the lighting conditions before you start recording a video. There are no balance commands on both apps, so it's much better if you take care of this ahead. Even opened blinds inside a house or a simple lamp can dramatically alter your shots.

People can watch your vines without the sound, but if used properly good quality audio is one very important component of the message you are sending, your story, and the mood you want to create. Since the mics on phones usually are not of the highest quality it is safer to avoid crowded places and background noises when shooting.

#4 Know the time and frame limits.
You have only six seconds on Vine, and fifteen on Instagram, to tell your bite-size story. This means you must carefully plan each shot of your videos so you won't run out of time, and viewers can also understand your message correctly. Both apps only have square frames, so when shooting your videos consider your standpoint and where the object is located within the grid.

#5 What about looping videos?
On Vine there's no choice - all videos loop by default. They are best made with a tripod, in a clear setting, shooting one image at the end of another to tell your story, before you get ready to move on with some more complex techniques. Looping videos can also be used on Instagram, even though that's not your only option on the site.

#6 Don't forget to add a smart and witty caption.
Including smart and funny captions and comments with your short videos will intrigue Vine and Instagram followers to check out your profiles and visit your blog. Be careful not to reveal too much so they won't need to come to your site for more. Also, think how the video will look in other social sites streams if you are planning to share it.

So how about you… Do you like these short-form videos? Can you see them as part of your blog's promotional efforts on social media? Tell us your tips if you are already shooting vines and Instagram videos.

Angry Birds on Facebook

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Angry Birds, which is a phenomenal game is available on almost any device, such as the Angry Bird for PC, Angry Birds on the Web Browser, Angry Birds for Mac OS, Android, IOS and others. This time the Angry Birds have been reported to present on Facebook. Where the game Angry Birds on Facebook version was recorded far more feature rich than the version of the Google +, which was present last year.

Angry Bird on Facebook Angry Birds on Facebook run with Adobe Flash 11 and 3D graphics support, which could create light effects, smoke, until the explosion becomes more alive. Game Angry Birds of Facebook version is also adding some features of Power-up, that is like cheating access. And to do that there are four ways you can use the Sling Scope, King sling, Super Seeds and Birdquake.

However, to get the access Power Up the players must pay a fee of U.S. $ 1 for 20 access cheating.

Unfortunately, Angry Birds for Facebook version is only available in the episode Pouched Eggs, Mighty Hoax and the Golden Eggs. In contrast to the present on other operating systems such as Apple, PC or Android that has been showing versions of Rio, with the addition of monkeys attacker. Or the latest version of the story of the water dragon

You want to try to play it, please visit it:


Angry Birds Coming soon on Facebook

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Angry Birds Game increasingly widespread, having previously attended the computer version and the version of the web, this time the protagonists in the game with these birds as ready visited the world's most popular networking site, Facebook.

The news was delivered by Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Marketing Officer Rovio, a manufacturer Angry Birds. Facebook version of Angry Birds plan will be rolled within 3 months.

"We will launch a social game in the coming months.We are discussing with Facebook team and Angry Birds will belive on this site within three months," said Vesterbacka.

Angry Birds on FacebookAngry Birds mobile version has been downloaded about 200 million times so far and scored success on all platforms. Continuing the story, Rovio also expanding into social networking sites like Facebook.

As quoted by the Telegraph, Angry Birds on Facebook is available for free. But the user can pay for extra features.

INQ Cloud Touch, which was mentioned as a Facebook phones

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Rumors about Facebook will issue a mobile phone which was much discussed, although Facebook has denied this. In fact, rumors are growing and are proven to have been present Facebook phones.

When this has been present mobile phone is touted as a Facebook phones, cell phone that is made by the INQ phones, mobile phone manufacturers based in London, England.

Facebook Phones Quoted from Marshable, INQ has introduced INQ Cloud Touch, an Android smartphone designed specifically for deeply integrated with Facebook.Cloud Touch claimed to be the first mobile phone that offers a Facebook comprehensive integration.This then makes Cloud Touch dubbed the Facebook phones.

INQ chief executive Frank Meehan says, mobile phones running on Android operating system 2.2 or Froyo, has many Android applications, widgets and links that connect it to jump up very easily.

But unfortunately, this device is supported by only a Qualcomm 7227 chipset with 600MHz speed, making left superior than most smartphones currently using 1GHz Snapdragon.

Other specifications of the handset to be released in quarter two 2011, 4 MB memory capacity and can be extended. 5 Megapixel camera, 1300mAh battery powered and battery-powered HGVA 3.5 inch touchscreen.

INQ Cloud Touch Specifications:
- Android 2.2
- Qualcomm 7227 600MHz processor
- Memory 4 Mb
- 5MP camera
- 1300mAh battery
- 3.5 inch HGVA touch screen

A Social Network Christmas

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Amateur Person here wanted to say merry Christmas to all readers.
Many things can be told from His birth, but here is a video that tells a different way from the birth of Jesus Christ

See the video below:

Updating your Facebook and Twitter with Google Talk

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Here are the ways I've learned to update your Facebook and your Twitter status using a Gtalk.It's easy way that only just 4 Step to do.

Here are the ways you can do it:

1. Go to, login (if you don't have user id please signup)


2. When you are logged in, please add your Facebook account and twitter.Select "Add Network" select Facebook, allow to singkronisasi with your Facebook account, as well as to your twitter account.

3. After connect with your Facebook and Twitter, please log into GTalk / Jabber
Add on your Gtalk buddy list. send message "verify-f75xxxxxxxxxxxx" to on your gtalk to verify your gtalk

4. To update your Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, please send us a message through you to Gtalk, Facebook and Twitter is then automatically updated by the messages you send

Update By Gtalk

Easy is not ...? Please try .....

Facebook with Zero data Fees or Free

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Facebook just got a lot more accessible to international users. The social network has launched, a special mobile-only site that can be accessed free of charge on select carriers. The lightweight site omits photos but includes core functionality like News Feed, status updates, profile Walls and messaging.  And most important, Facebook has partnered with over 50 mobile carriers to offer free access to the site, without any data fees.
Not to be confused with the now defunct Facebook Lite, Facebook 0 was originally announced back in February (when it was called ‘Zero’). Facebook has presumably been hammering out deals with carriers since then, and it has quite a few on board with more on the way (you can see a list of countries supported in Facebook’s blog post or the table below).
This mobile site could play a big role in Facebook’s growth going forward, especially given the predictions that browser-equipped mobile phones will be more abundant than PCs in the not-too-distant future. For some people, will probably be their only Facebook experience — it may even be the only mobile site they’re accessing from their cell phones.

If you’re in the United States though, don’t bother pulling out your phone to check out the site for yourself — none of the US carriers are on board.

How much the estimated value of your Facebook

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There have been many sites that offer services appraisers website. However, the service could not be specifically able to assess the value of a particular page on Facebook

If you are curious about how much the estimated value of your Facebook page, please check the website of Vitrue. Enter your Facebook page url address in the box "Enter the url to a brand's facebook page" and press enter.

After that Vitrue will display the current estimates, the potential for the future, and some statistics had Facebook pages that include the number of fans, how many posts per day, number of interactions, and others.

However, users are able to vary the value of Earned Media Value or (Such ads cost calculation formula Cost Per Mille Impression / CPM), which will affect the value of valuation.

By Fan-tasize features, users can also vary the variable number of fans, engagement, and post per day, so the user can identify and target variables to jacked in order to achieve the desired valuation

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