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Angry Birds on Facebook

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Angry Birds, which is a phenomenal game is available on almost any device, such as the Angry Bird for PC, Angry Birds on the Web Browser, Angry Birds for Mac OS, Android, IOS and others. This time the Angry Birds have been reported to present on Facebook. Where the game Angry Birds on Facebook version was recorded far more feature rich than the version of the Google +, which was present last year.

Angry Bird on Facebook Angry Birds on Facebook run with Adobe Flash 11 and 3D graphics support, which could create light effects, smoke, until the explosion becomes more alive. Game Angry Birds of Facebook version is also adding some features of Power-up, that is like cheating access. And to do that there are four ways you can use the Sling Scope, King sling, Super Seeds and Birdquake.

However, to get the access Power Up the players must pay a fee of U.S. $ 1 for 20 access cheating.

Unfortunately, Angry Birds for Facebook version is only available in the episode Pouched Eggs, Mighty Hoax and the Golden Eggs. In contrast to the present on other operating systems such as Apple, PC or Android that has been showing versions of Rio, with the addition of monkeys attacker. Or the latest version of the story of the water dragon

You want to try to play it, please visit it:


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