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Angry Birds on Web Browser

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For those who already play Angry Birds on a PC, iPhone, or Android surely loved this game, and this time the game Angry Birds have to be played directly from Google Chrome web browser and is provided free of charge at the Chrome Web Store.

Developer Rovio Mobile announced the presence of gaming Angry Birds in Google Chrome coincides with a main event Google I / O Developer Conference. Angry Birds in Chrome is an application built using technology webapps WebGL and use local-caching features that can be played offline without connecting to the Internet.

Angry Birds on Google ChromeBecause using the technology most likely future games WebGL Angry Birds can also be played on other browsers that use similar technology such as Firefox and Safari. However Rovio not provide information on exactly when the game is available for browsers other than Chrome.

This game has 70 levels and have a game the exact same level as the one on your computer, iPhone or Android. Can be played on any operating system be it Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac for use Chrome as a browser.

To try it please visit from your Chrome browser, and if you do not have the Chrome browser please get it in Download Google Chrome

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