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Is Microsoft Cooking Something to Go Against the Google Glass ?

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Everyone has heard about Google Glass, the wearable computer that can be slipped on like a pair of glasses, though it is much more than mere glasses. Undoubtedly the first of its kind, it comes with builtin navigation software that helps you with directions while driving, biking or even walking. It appears that the software giant Microsoft has been mulling over giving a fitting reply for Google Glass and has been working silently behind the scenes. However, since Google will start shipping only towards the end of 2013, Microsoft seems to have enough time to come up with an answer that makes great sense. The eye-level piece of hardware from Microsoft is expected to rival Google Glass.

It is logical to think that Microsoft will come with a product that will be compatible with Windows Phone system, given that Google Glass has already announced that their product will accommodate Android devices as well as Apple’s iPhones. Additionally, Microsoft’s proposed product is expected to have several innovative features that only the software giant can think of. The common features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS should figure in both Google Glass and Microsoft’s yet to be named product.
However, what additional features both will be able to add is what will make all the difference.

One would imagine that other features like browsing the Internet and other small tasks that can be accomplished through voice commands should also be present in both the products. Additionally, calling features, being able to send text messages are basic features that should be pretty easy to include. Not to mention the ubiquitous camera, that figures in most basic models of mobile phones today, should also figure in Google Glass and Microsoft’s eye opener. However, there is enough time to think about all that and more as Google should easily take another 6 months or so to perfect the concept that they are still working on.

Microsoft will certainly focus on eyewear that needs to be compatible with other Microsoft systems, as that is their base. One cannot rule out a lot of experimentation and innovation by the team of researchers dedicated to the task of bringing out a product that Microsoft believes will have all eyes open and gaping. Whoever takes the lead with additional features will win the race; of course the price too will be a major consideration. Both the parties have not reached a stage where they have given a thought about pricing, and no one has the vaguest clue about this aspect.

From what can be gleaned from the grapevine, the wearable version of Windows 8 is what is expected. Additionally, the feature based on motion-tracking technology called Microsoft Visor will be found in the new product, thanks to Kinect. User’s eyes will be tracked through micro-lasers with infrared capabilities. This feature will work in tandem with commands that are received through the visor.
Additionally, the tiny HD cameras within, provide for shooting videos and snapping pictures, while zooming in can be done discreetly without the subject having an inkling about what is happening. Not that the others around you will be totally unaware of what you are up to. Discretion is required by the users of both the eye-wear products that are to be launched by end 2013.

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Polytron Transparent Mobile Phone concept using Smart Glass Technology

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If previously there was the issue of Nokia developed the Nokia Transparent Phone Concept, this time Polytron Technologies developed the same thing which is claimed as the future of a communication device.

Polytron phone prototype, as reported by Mobile Geek, did yet show the performance of handheld communication devices like who has be on the market include phone function.

However, the phone is slimmer briefly of the iPhone 5 has been equipped with micro SD storage card slot, battery, camera components, microphone, and speakerphone.

"We will get samples of products that can already be used (as smartphone) at the end of this year. So this is a very early stage," said Mobile Geek, in their video record.

This Transparent Mobile Phone is developed on background of  Smart Glass Technology that contain liquid crystal molecules. Crystal molecules were able to change the appearance of the original glass grayish such as cloud becomes transparent when the power is turned on cell phone

I switched this blog into

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Since i have a lot of obstacles on this blog, then I change my blog to
I try to changes in this blog will not reduce the content and creativity to continued to fill my new blog, so sorry for this inconvenience
My new blog will similar look like a of this blog, so let's go to my new blog at

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ADzero - The Bamboo Android Smartphone

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Generally, the smartphone casing made ​​of plastic or metal. But this British student tried to make a breakthrough, he made the handset with the materials of bamboo.

Smartphone of bamboo is called ADzero glide planned soon. Made of bamboo age of 4 years that has been set up in such a way as to remain strong, ADzero using the Android operating system.

ADzero, The Bamboo AndroidSmartphone is uniquely created by Kieron Scott Woodhouse, a young man living in London. Once the design is posted to the Internet, Middlesex University student was contacted by an entrepreneur interested in developing it to be a commercial product.

Quoted from the Telegraph, the initial marketing of the handsets ADzero plans in the UK and China. Estimated price is not mentioned.

Not yet known the full specifications of the ADzero, but this smartphone became the first Android smartphone using Bamboo material.


Pomegranate NS08, The Dream device

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Want to have a complete device in a device?. More than just Blackberry and Android or iPhone. Pomegranate NS08 may be one of his answers.

Pomegranate NS08 is a remarkable new phones with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a smart phone these days - but that's just the beginning.

Here's what else Pomegranates are offered:
  • Built-in Projector: Project HD movies to any surface, any time.
  • Global Voice Translator: Communicating in almost all countries in the world with a built-in translator's voice Delima. Speaking any language to the front of the microphone, and Pomegranates will translate to the language of your choice of speakers in the rear.
  • Coffee Brewer: Yes, it is finally possible. Just enter one of the single-drink packages and Pomegranate take it from there. Total drinking time of 30 seconds - and it's hands-free.
  • Shaver: An electric razor bult directly to your smartphone, eliminating the need for a separate shavers. If you're in a hurry you can even talk and shave at the same time.
  • Harmonica: The Pomegranate is not just about work, it's about fun. And what's more fun than a smartphone you can play? When the day you start to pull out a harmonica and play along with Pomegranate pulse presets, or create your own.
For more details, see this video:

Pomegranate NS08 For reals?
Unfortunately, no.

The Pomegranate NS08 phone was designed as a viral place-branding campaign for Nova Scotia.
Designed to attract interest in Nova Scotia and establish it as a desirable place to live and do business, the campaign made it’s way out to more than 3 million people in over 195 countries.

Even with the campaign’s success, some have criticized the Government of Nova Scotia for spending $300,000 on the marketing initiative.

Advertising, which included online advertising on websites in New England, sent users to the website to check out the incredible, seemingly impossible new device.

Upon clicking 'I’ve seen enough' or 'Release date' on, an array of screens are displayed to the visitor before ultimately presenting information about Nova Scotia and its culture.

The experience is actually quite nice – here are a few screenshots showing the transition from miraculous device to delightful province.

Solar Bikini

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American designer Andrew Schneider created the bikini swimsuit in solar cells with a socket for recharging a mobile phone while you sunbathe.

Andrew Schneider is a student at Interactive Telecommunications Program Tisch School of Arts degree from New York University and according to its Web site, the bikini will be commercialized.

Solar BikiniA bikini allowing you to charge your mp3-player, Solar Bikini is a swimsuit retrofitted with 1" x 4" photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a 5 volt regulator into a USB connection.

The Solar Bikini is perfect for those who want to go the beach, listen to music, and enjoy a cold and deserved beverage, but who do not want to get wet! You've got tunes, you've got beer, you've got sun, and you've got eachother in swimwear. The rest is up to you.

For the male version of the Solar Bikini will be also called iDrink, have a larger surface area equal to the voltage output more.

Remarkable innovation..!

Black Hole - Holographic concept phone

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The concept phone is called the Black Hole made ​​for Apple and is expected for 2020. Phone holographic mouse has a ball head that can go up and allows users to control all phone functions and applications in the air.

Only by opening the palm of your hand, center the mouse ball will go up into the air and open the phone application. When in charge, the Black Hole into a desktop application with full functionality.

Rollerphone - Concept Braclet Phone

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Say hello to the Rollerphone concept! At first glance it’s merely a wrist band that projects time, much like the Alessi Concept we saw earlier, but then you realize it’s actually a phone with a retractable transparent screen at the base. How high-tech! It features perfect ergonomics and anthropometry in design thanks to customization – meaning the screen unfurls only to the tip of your fingers, so basically it give you a good fit between the ear and the mouth.

Alexey Chugunnikov Rollerphone functions like a mini-projectors on the wearer's wrist. These projections show the time on one side when the wearer's wrist and flipped her wrist, a roll out of a translucent screen can be used to make phone calls. In addition to functioning as watches and mobile phones, you can also watch videos, chat online gaming, playing, reading books and listening to music.


HTC Bliss, Android Smarthphone just for Woman

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HTC plans to launch smartphone targeting female consumers with the Android OS, with the launch of the HTC Bliss

Although not yet officially released, but leaked specs and photos of the HTC product prototypes Bliss has spread across many sites and technology blogs.

Based on information released by the blog This is my next, HTC is preparing the launch of Bliss by cooperating with Verizon service, though not yet able to give definite dates. In addition, the code name used is not necessarily Bliss even if this phone is really released.

HTC BlissHTC Bliss will target female consumers agedbetween 20 and 30's. With greenish color casing, HTC Bliss has a very similar design as the HTC Desire S and slightly HTC Desire Z. However, in contrast with HTC Desire Z, HTC Bliss brings fully touchscreen, no QWERTY keyboard.
Other information obtained by the thickness of the HTC Bliss which reaches 13.5 to 14 millimeters.

Although the HTC has not given official information regarding the plan to launch this phone, Bliss mentioned have included applications that are specific to women such as shopping, calorie counter application, exercise apps, and a set of accessories – a wireless charging dock with built-in speakers. As soon as the device is set on the charging pad, it will automatically switch to alarm mode, and then a square-shaped speaker for a car is also rumored to be in the mix that supports voice recognition and can be easily connected to a car visor

Aero E Wind Power Generator, wind power-based mobile phone charger

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Mobile phones with solar power ever be introduced, one of which Apollo Umeox first android smartphone is equipped solar panel. What if the solar-based technologies that emerged in the mobile phone charger? Talking about a charger or docking device, you must know the existence of solar-based chargers. Or, some of you may already have it. This is not something new. Solar panel charger is present when there is a need for rechargeable batteries of mobile phones in emergencies, or no electricity.

Aero E Wind Power GeneratorThis idea was quite inspiring. At least for Lance Cassidy who managed to make another concept of wind power-based mobile phone charger. By using wind turbines, the phone battery will be recharged without having to involve an electrical current.

The concept of the technology is called Aero E Wind Power Generator. Converted from wind energy into electric current is transferred wirelessly via induction. Put your phone on the pad that is available, and plug him in the window of your home. Let your neighbors be amazed by it.

Aero E WindThis turbine wirelessly transmit power to the charging pocket, where the pad had been placed. As deposited electrical power from wind power. When you come home from where you work, you have a charger ready to use.

Wind Power Generator Later, it also created a special application for smartphone allows users to connect with their turbines from anywhere via an Internet connection. So users can track patterns of wind turbines and set when it is switched on or off.

Touchless Gesture User Interface for tablets

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Maybe this is still under development, and much to consider especially during the implementation of the tablet. Because Amateur Person assumes this user interface is more suitable to be applied to TV sets

Apple iPlay, the gaming console concept

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Apple iPlayAs we know Apple through products like the iPod, iPhone or iPad, but it is rumored Apple will come in and develop a console game called iPlay. iPlay concept itself was leaked on the internet and led to speculation among game lovers.
Apple iPlay BoxNot much information is obtained regarding this iPlay, console glance similar to the first generation of consoles made by Sony, the PlayStation 3. Shape design brings shapes like half-tubes. In addition, the concept of the console there is also the Apple logo as a hallmark of Apple products. When you view the console concept into reality, then the console manufacturers like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft should be ready be ready and alert to seize market share iPlay gaming console.
iPlay JoystickSince the first Nintendo is worried about Apple than Microsoft in the affairs of the gaming market grab. Apple has proven this over the video game market could grind through the output gadgets like the iPod, iPad and iPhone. Moreover, if Apple were really going into the game console market share
Though just a concept, Apple also makes the concept for a bike that is named iBike. The concept of the iBike can you see here (link) !. Later on, Apple will make the concept car of the future ..? Let's just wait.

BlackBerry Empathy - Concept phone that can detect the wearer's emotions

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RIM as the holder of the Blackberry brand issued a mobile phone concept, BlackBerry Empathy. Designed by Kiki Tang & Daniel Yoon. BlackBerry Empathy connects the user straight away to sites like FaceBook and MySpace for quick messaging and status updates. The device also comes with proximity sensors, allowing you to detect the emotions of the folks nearby through an emotion chart with a visual timeline

BlackBerry Empathy

Empathy uses movable keys, a translucent tactile keyboard and a flexible OLED display, plus a HUD (heads up display). The keypad on this phone can change color according to the user’s emotions, that are sensed through messages, phones calls and biometric sensors

BlackBerry Empathy Charge

The surface of  Empathy is described as touch based and all the user’s connections are shown graphically so you can see who is connected to whom. Each contact has an avatar that is encompassed by two colored rings. The inner colored ring shows the contact’s previous emotional state, and the outer ring represents the contact’s current emotional state.Another important feature is the ‘Emotional Health Chart’ that will monitor the user’s emotional health through an indefinite period of time. One would be able to see how a certain event, or phone call has affected the user


Nokia Transparent Phone Concept

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Though only a concept, our desire to have cell phones that can be transparent will soon realize it's. Nokia has made mobile phone concept transparent. For a concept, the phone is quite promising and unique, because it has been equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, with a touchscreen interface. LED support and a lot of smartphone-like features

The Nokia transparent phone in the picture definitely looks like something That We Might see in the near future. Not much information obtained from these transparent mobile phone, but Hanphone this would be an interesting thing from a mobile phone

Here's a picture of the mobile phone concept :

Nokia Transparent
Nokia Transparent Phone

Transparent Phone

100 Amazing Design, Futuristic Concepts

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Concept designers are also referred to as “visual futurists”.
These concept designs may not be on the market yet, but they can still inspire you to create something just as futuristic and exciting online.
The designs may be impractical in some cases, but the idea is to put the concept out to the world to see how it evolves and grows.
Remember that these are all just conceptual, you can’t buy them yet! Some may be closer to being produced than others, particularly when they come from a large company like Braun or Samsung. Otherwise, who knows if or when they will be available.
With that said, here you have 100 amazing futuristic design concepts that will make you crave more.

1. Cloud Sofa
This is an elegant concept created by designer D.K. Wei. The Cloud sofa is supposed to give one the illusion of floating on their own personal cloud. A magnet in the base is supposed to generate enough magnetic force to hold the sofa aloft. The cloud is constructed from a plexiglass mold.

2. The iChat
This concept design was inspired by the curves and tapering of the Macbook Air coupled with the look of an iPod Touch. Rodolphe Desmare is responsible for this iPhone concept, which is more notable for its imagined features than its looks. The front camera would allow video conferencing on the iPhone, something that the blogosphere is already very excited about as a potential feature for the new release of the iPhone.

3. iPhone 4G Concept
This fantasy iPhone mimics both the look of Mac OS/X and the aluminum case of a MacBook Pro. We couldn’t suss out the real name of the designer but you can see more pictures from this designer under his handle “youngSpace” at Flickr. The video capability in this design preceded the one in the iChat, above. The removable battery is also tantalizing.

4. Propulsion Powered Flying Cycle
Created by designer Norio Fujikawa. This propulsion powered jetbike is a sci-fi concept that Fujikawa has taken to a whole new level in his design. Be sure to check out the additional pictures here

5. ON AIR Wrist Watch
This watch tells time in an extraordinary way. Turkish designer Iskender Asanaliev created a design where the LED hour hand doubles as the digital minute display.

6. Underwater Jet Ski

Nereus is a conceptual design by Mathias Koehler for a watercraft that would allow you to travel on water and dive or submerge for short periods. Wind energy would be used to propel the vehicle which could take the user from a swimming to a diving position through the use of intuitive controls and movements of the upper body. Steering would be through the footrests which are connected to the back rudder.

7. Watch Displaying Time in Sand
Designer Balykin Pavel tells the time with digital sand in this Reddot Design Award winner for 2006.

8. Dream Sneaker
French Industrial Designer Lysandre Follet gives us a pair of dream sneakers: a Nike slip-on that looks as light as air. Additional sneaker designs from the artist can be found here.

9. Innovative Mouse Design
The Alien Mouse from designer Mizanur Rahman sports an exciting construction composed of eight soft gel and cellulose pieces which are meant to not only support the hand and wrist, but the arm as well. The multi-piece design was envisioned to help combat repetitive strain injury (RSI) with a vibrator underneath the mouse for extra comfort.

10. Incredible LED Watch
This watch was created by Hironao Tsuboi and developed by the studio found here. The watch looks like it’s all wristband until the digital display lights up.

11. The iRing
This design created by Victor Soto is meant to control the Playback functionality of your iPod/iPhone device wirelessly through the use of a ring that you wear on your finger. The touch-sensitive function strip and the battery life of 12 hours make the iRing an object of intense desire.

12. Digital Mp3 Concept
The designer Nuno Teixeira has created a wireless Mp3 player with soft surfaces and no wires to get in your way.

13. Modern Rocking Wheel Chair
The Rocking Wheel Chair is a modern interpretation of a traditional rocking chair by Mathias Koehler. The near circular form seen from the side is what makes the design so unique. The upper portion features a reading light.

14. Creative Cigarette Case
This packaging concept for Kent was created and developed by Balykin Pavel. The new triangle shape with round corners looks very unique and can fit more easily into a pocket.

15. 4D Watch

This sleek 4D Watch was created by Balykin Pavel. It has 4 square screens to display hours, minutes, seconds and date information. The metallic finish and a strong magnetic grip closure complete the picture.

16. The USBee
The USBee was designed to prevent the damage to USB drives seen so often with conventional USB use. The elastic neck will bend when pushed in any axis. This also means that it can fit into tight spaces where other USB drives dare not go. The lines at the end keep USBee cool and ergonomically pleasing. Designed by Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic.

17. Polygon Concept Bike

The Polygon concept bike was designed by Reindy Allendra. Inspired by the design of human DNA, this bike has controls for your iPod/MP3 Player built in to the steering area.

18. Spokeless Wheels Bike
This bike concept was created by Bradford Waugh. The concept completely replaces the traditional gear system of a mainstream bike with one that allows for spokeless wheels.

19. Home Theatre Chair
Identita is a chair concept designed for a home cinema. Hakan Bogazpinar brings us a home theatre seating solution that foregoes the traditional chair for a seating solution that is completely adjustable and ergonomic.

20. Embrio – Bombardier’s Segway Killer
Embrio was created by Bombardier as their answer to the Segway. They utilize similar gyroscope technology to keep riders aloft, but with a much cooler design that Bombardier hopes will attract a younger demographic. It also uses one less wheel than the Segway and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. See Martin Aubé’s concept sketch, third from top, on this page.

21. Audi Shark – Flying Sportscar
This impressive concept design by Kazim Doku is a flying sportscar. Meant to combine the raciness of motorcycles with the sleekness of aircraft, the Audi shark is the answer to our collective sci-fi dreams. This award-winning concept design is a two-seater that offers its passengers “strong sensations and high levels of safety”.

22. Flee
Flee is a concept by Hakan Bogazpinar which takes the idea of a tossable camera a few steps further. Bogazpinar has incorporated a tail into the design to keep the camera oriented properly and Bluetooth so that pictures it takes can be sent back to your mobile device in real time. When the “flee” is thrown in the air, it takes photos at customizable time intervals.

23. Eolos Pipe
The Eolos was also designed by Hakan Bogazpinar. This elegant pipe has two major features. When the basket portion of the pipe turns completely black as shown in the picture, the nicotine level is critical and the filter must be changed. The portion of the pipe that holds the tobacco is constructed with heat insulating composite, ensuring that the pipe is always cool to the touch.

24. The Grasshopper Electric Bike

This bike was the winner of the ‘merit prize’ in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition and it was designed by David Gonçalves. The Grasshopper is a foldable electric bike which can also be easily carried when not in use. The folding bike is easily stored and recharged at home.

25. Strider Super Hero Motorcycle
David Gonçalves created a stunning motorbike in this concept design. It features hubless wheels and an aerodynamic ground-hugging frame.

26. Scarab
Scarab was also designed by David Gonçalves. This concept vehicle features styling straight out of “Tron”. The four wheeled, single passenger vehicle has all of the thrill of a motorcycle with the safety of an enclosed cab. Included in the feature set is the ability to run either on batteries or on a biofuel internal combustion engine.

27. World’s Lightest Cash Register

The EPOS-lite was inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. Meant to be installed on a restaurant table, the portable cash register features programmable menu choices, wireless charging, and various payment options. Stephen Allport, the designer, notes on his page that enough interest has been shown in the device that it may be produced.

28. Tuner Time
Tuner Time is a stereo FM radio. The two wheels in the centre control volume and tuning frequency. It also comes with a one-touch operation remote control, pictured beside the Tuner Time. Designed by Mehmet Gozetlik.

29. High End Public Telephone
This design by Nuno Teixeira adopts a minimalist approach to a high end public phone.

30. Universal Charging Dock
The Stream concept by Barton Smith consists of Experience Modules (Media, Memories, Connections, Documents, Creations, Games), a Core Component, Component Modules (processors, memory, graphics, power), a 3.5” Portable Display and Charging Cradle and Universal Charging Base. This product separates computer functions into six categories called ‘experiences’. Currently, if a user wishes to purchase a computer purely for documenting and internet they must accept that it will come with processing power and features well beyond these needs. With the Stream concept users would purchase only the Connections and Documents modules as well as the Core Component to perform only the desired functions. The Connections module also acts as a phone. Visit the product page for more information – there is lots of it.

31. Tima
Tima is a watch concept by Julien Bergignat that allows you to have both a digital display and a classic view of the time. Both displays can be adjusted simultaneously to show the same hour or two different time zones. Thanks to ePaper technology, characters can be displayed on the curved surface of the watch.

32. Amazing Lamp
A simple and and beautiful lamp by Julien Bergignat. The lamp can be lifted out of the stand and used as a portable lighting solution when needed.

33. Suspension Lamp
EQUILIBRIUM – A suspension lamp made of high-density expanded polyurethane with high-gloss paint finish. Balance is created with a solid counterweight in one end that equals the weight of the rest of the lamp. Created by Nuno Teixeira.

The NOCS MP3 docking station from Nuno Teixeira combines top-notch functionality with an integrated amplifier and tall (43.3″) speakers to deliver superb sound quality.

35. Peripheral Vision Eyeglasses
The Nike Hindsight gives bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides, riders can detect motion in a field of vision beyond the normal human limit of 180º. The obvious benefit is in the early warning of approaching vehicles, but a less obvious advantage is reducing the necessary head rotation to check behind. By Billy May.

36. Time Tuner
Time Tuner is a table clock which plays music that you can upload via a USB cable. It it also a programmable alarm clock that will work with your uploaded music. Designed by Mehmet Gozetlik. The Time Tuner is based on the linear flow of time and is using one single indicator for both minutes and hours. The light of the numbers turns on when this indicator starts to move along and the lines between the lightened numbers of the clock and the indicator shows the minute. The minutes are shown in double lines group; one for quarters and the other for 10 minutes for a convenient time reading. The gray line indicates the time of the alarm and it is shorter than the red line, which shows the time.

37. Futuristic Bike Rack

Bike rack designed for New York City Racks Design Competition. Designed by Nikita Gutsalenko.

38. Equinox Watch Concept Design
Another fantastic concept design by Nuno Teixeira. This watch is purpose-built to line up all of its dials like a sundial when the sun is directly above the equator at both the autumn and spring equinoxes.

39. Portable PC with Projector
The Portable PC is an amazing concept by Jinwoo Han. If you are a little sick of having to arrange in advance for a digital projector at a meeting or tradeshow, you’ll love the Portable PC concept. Computer, keyboard, and projector all in one device. Use the back of the airline seat in front of you as your digital display. The laptop without the lap.

40. Credit Card Piggy Bank
Created by Denis Bostandzic. The Credit Card Piggy Bank could be used privately to transfer money to your credit card, or publicly as a means of donation collection.

41. Suspension Lamp

The PALA suspension lamp is made of high-density expanded polyurethane. Provides a pleasant, indirect light.

42. Steampunk My GPS
The GPS Pathquest was designed to eliminate the need to ask for directions. A double-screen display unit which is constructed to look like a compass with E-Ink for conserving battery power is tricked out with brass accents that satisfy our inner Steampunks. Pocket-sized and discreet, the PathQuest relies on Google Maps for navigation. Designed by Kyle Fleischhacker.

43. Sleek EGG Phone
The Egg Phone by Roman Tubl offers incredible features like the screen which turns opaque once the phone is inactive or turned off. There is also a USB connector at the bottom of the phone which makes it easy to connect this phone to any device for data storage.

44. Sled Vehicle Concept
This Sled Vehicle Concept was created by Norio Fujikawa. We’re not sure what is propelling this sled design, but it certainly looks cool.

45. Marguerite Bicycle Stand Design
This is a creative idea by Yoann Henry Yvon. The design is meant to emulate the petals of a daisy and its centre.

46. Futuristic Bridge
This project was the winning entry in an international open design competition for a new bridge across the river Dodder in central Dublin. The concept of the bridge is to create a hybrid of infrastructure and public amenity by providing generous seating and deck width across the span for pedestrians to pause and enjoy the views of the river. Designed by NEX architecture.

47. MIESROLO, The First Dynamic Cantilever Chair
This design took 1st place in the Wood Agency Design Contest Belgrade 2008, the University of Belgrade’s Award for Best Scientific-Professional Work in 2006/07, and a Golden Key Awards (sitting furniture and innovative concept) at Belgrade Int. Furniture Fair 2006 / 2007, ULUPUDS diploma 2007. Folds in on itself for easy storage. By Uros Vitas.

48. Audi O
The 2008 Audi O concept was designed by Ondrej Jirec, a design student from the Czech Republic who is beginning studies at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2008. The car design was inspired by the iPod. This bad boy features the mother of all audio systems with internet connectivity for downloading music onto the built-in 650 GB hard drive, a Bluetooth system for connecting two or more Audi O cars together, making for the largest rolling club ever. Best yet, it comes completely decked out with a couple of DJ decks and mixer.

49. Aerodynamic Concept Car
This is an airflow concept design by Pierre Sabas. It features smooth and contoured lines that run throughout the entire car. The artist writes: “I believe that space sensation doesn’t depend on the size of the volume we are in but on the perception we have of the environment. Therefore, based on my structural solution, we can imagine new solutions in terms of design and driving experience.”

50. BRB Evolution Concept Car

The BRB Evolution concept car is not only capable of fitting into tight spots with it’s Dyson vacuum-like design, but it’s also intended to be “green.” BRB would be powered by electricity or hydrogen. Designer David Bailey drew inspiration from the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Peugeot 908.


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