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Unique speakers for iPhone

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Want clear sound speakers on the iPhone? but do not need to use additional power. Perhaps the following speakers can be an alternative choice forlistening to music from your iPhone. Apart from these stylish speakers are also available for iPhone. With passive amplifier technology, will enhance the audio output at the iPhone about 10 decibels.


1. Bone Collection Horn Stand($ 24.95)
Bone Collection Horn Stand The color green is strikingly like Shrek, this speaker provides audio output of 13 decibels. Can be used in landscape and portrait positions. Bone Horn Stand Amplifier offers an impressive sound boost considering its diminutive size. This passive iPhone amplifier


2. Phonofone III($ 195)
Phonofone III The Phonofone III is an elegantly designed passive amplifier crafted from ceramic and designed explicitly for the iPhone. This clever device amplifies the volume emited from an iPhone internal speaker roughly 4x (approx. 60 decibels)

3. Griffin AirCurve Play ($ 19.99)
Griffin AirCurve Play Speaker Griffin looks stylish with a transparent design, which is able to increase the volume of your iPhone 4 for up to 10db without the need of power. Basically, the device is acoustically-shaped and it allows the iPhone 4 to sit in it neatly as shown in the picture

4. Koostik ($ 85)
Koostik Using the same concept that gives acoustic guitars their oomph, Koostik is hand-made by a wood worker named Jim. The unique wooden amplifier uses no electricity at all. just the rich reverberations of natural wood.


5. Tembo Trunks ($ 39)
Tembo Trunks Amplifier Tembo Trunks can be used in the iPhone earphones slot. Tembo Trunks are 100% Waterproof, Shockproof, and Dustproof. With no moving parts or electronic components to fail on you, Tembo Trunks will keep working whenever and wherever you’re sharing your tunes


6. Arkcanary II($ 13)
Arkcanary II Looks simple and attractive with a similar gramophone design. This megaphone-style speaker amplifies the existing iPhone 4 speaker by allowing users to simply slide their device into the cradle. The speaker also acts as a kickstand, allowing your iPhone to sit up and be seen.

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