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BBX, a New RIM Operating System for BlackBerry

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Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the new operating system (OS), BBX. QNX-based OS is prepared RIM as a weapon against Google and Apple.

BBX is introduced on a BlackBerry DevCon Americas event in 2011, referred to as the latest generation platform designed for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. This platform combines the best of the BlackBerry and QNX as well as designed to enable real-time mobile experience is powerful. It said RIM will differentiate BlackBerry products and services.

BBX OSIn addition to supporting the BlackBerry cloud services, BBX will also support a variety of applications developed using any device which is now available for BlackBerry Playbook. These include Native SDK, Adobe AIR / Flash and WebWorks/HTML5, also BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps in BBX-based tablets and smartphones to be released later.

RIM also made to support for native developers. Stated President and Co-CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis, with nearly five million BlackBerry apps downloaded every day, RIM consumers make the BlackBerry as one of the most profitable platform for developers.

"We give developers the tools needed to build richer applications and we provide guidance on how to best develop smartphone applications and tablets, and QNX as the BlackBerry platform to meet the latest generation of our platform, BBX," he said as quoted from the official site of RIM.

will also include the latest BlackBerry Cascades UI Framework for a more advanced graphics capabilities and bring 'Super App' to enable capabilities such as deeper integration between applications, Push, BlackBerry Messenger and many more.

RIM is betting this new generation BBX enable them to compete with Apple and Google. As is known, both have a market share of mobile devices and even threaten the BlackBerry.

Until just before the BBX has not reached the market, RIM is still dependent on the length of the product, a series of the latest BlackBerry OS 7 to maintain market share.

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